Otonaka Kakuichi"Hand-rolled dried noodles, curry udon noodles"

Otsunaka Kakuichi Tenobe Dried Noodles Soon Curry Udonん」
Date: 8/28 Wed 11: 30-13: 0000
Limited 20 meals
In August, Jibasan Ranchiki employees serialized in the blog had a lot of feedback in the cafeteria column. Hand-rolled dried noodles Soon curry udon can be eaten at Otonakakaku 20 meals limited Hand-rolled dried noodles Tandoori chicken 2 pieces of white rice mandrill from Ouchi farm in Tamba Sasayama is 780 yen. It's still hot, but let's eat hot curry udon and survive the summer.んを食べて夏を乗り切りましょう!
「Otsunaka Kaku OTUNAKA CORNERR)」
5-1-20 Kaigandori, Chuo-ku, Kobe
Open 8:00 20:000
(Wednesday 8:00 15:0000)


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As a company in Kobe, we are engaged in various activities as a food manufacturing company mainly for curry.